The most magical day of my life finally happened. People say that the day flies by so fast but I remember it so vividly. I wouldn’t change anything about it. 🙂 Well, aside from starting late but when doesn’t that happen at a wedding?

I didn’t have a wedding planner which can cause a bit of stress. I’ve had a Pinterest board full of wedding ideas for so long that planning, as far as decorations go, was pretty easy. Luckily I was able to go to our venue the night before the big day and start setting everything up with Michael and the groomsmen. https://www.pinterest.com/ashstrass93/

I kind of went for a romantic, rustic fairytale vibe. The venue itself was so beautiful that I hardly needed much decorations. (Which was definitely a nice thing for our bank account!) I had the idea of instead of getting a standard guestbook that I wanted to have our guest’s sign a big mirror so that we can have that as a keepsake and hanging in our house. It looks AAAMAZING hanging above our fireplace at home!

My little sister, Kaitlin, did my hair for me and it turned out so perfect.  All us girls did our own makeup too.  Luckily we all know what we’re doing for the most part haha.  Getting ready was one of my favorite parts of the day.  We drank some champagne, listened to Taylor Swift and just talked about how we couldn’t believe the day had finally come. 

Who even knows what they guys did while getting ready! My special day of gift to Michael was a super nice bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey to share with them guys. I am just super thankful for the guys helping set up all the heavy and difficult things the night before and day of.

Walking down the aisle wasn’t as scary as I thought, having everyone turn to look at you. I could only keep my eyes on Michael. We had Michael’s older brother marry us to make it even that much more special. All I can say about our vows, is Michael did an amazing job!

I am so thankful for our amazing photographers. They took such good pictures and had awesome angles. They kept us all focused and there are so many good shots with all of us that it’s hard to pick any favorites! We’re finally molding our families into one big one and seeing the joy and love on everyone’s face makes me realize that Michael and I really are made for one another.

After the many many pictures, it was finally time to celebrate!! It’s really such a good feeling having almost everyone you love be there for you and with you in such a precious moment. I couldn’t ask for better people to be in our lives.

The number one thing I wanted to make sure we had at our wedding was a sparkler send off. It has always been in my dream wedding ever since I was a little girl. To have our day end on such a happy ending is literally all I could ever ask for.

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