Surprising My Mom with a Vacation.

What better way to spend Mother’s Day than taking your mom on vacation? I recently got engaged this year (that’s a whole story in itself!) and have been eyeing this boutique out of LA. I was jokingly texting my mom back and forth one night when she said “why not make it a vacation?” The next day, I surprised her and booked us a flight!

We ended up staying in Huntington Beach because one day, one day I will live there. I showed her all the places that my fiancé and I make sure to go to every time we are there. There is no one in the world that I can imagine being there when I try wedding dresses for the first, and last, time.

The time I spent with my mom, I wouldn’t take back for the world. From walking around drunk on the beach, to trying to find her phone in the Albertson’s bathroom. From showing her around Hogsmead, to going on the ride of death (the Mummy, I hate that ride with a burning passion).

Knowing that she enjoyed every moment we had, literally makes any amount of money and time in the world, makes it all so worth it. I’ve been waiting for years to finally be able to take her on vacation and to top it all off it was for Mother’s Day weekend. I couldn’t have asked for a better, stronger, more inspiring mother to raise me. Thank you, mom.

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