3 Last Minute Valentines Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s day is just a few days away and I always find myself being a late planner for everything! I’m very lucky that my husband is always on top of Valentine’s day and makes me my favorite dinner every year. I can already smell the salmon just sitting here thinking about it.



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Valentines Day

Lady and the Tramp movie night.

The other night I had this random idea and I followed through with it.  If you’re a Disney lover, like myself, this is such a precious idea. We made spaghetti and meatballs from scratch for dinner together.  Then made our living room all cozy with candles and fairy lights. (I should’ve taken pictures!) We watched the new live action Lady and the Tramp on Disney plus and it was a perfect date night.



Movie Scramble: Walmart Edition

All you need is maybe $20 for this cute date idea.  Go to your nearest Walmart to the movie section and head to the $5 movie bins.  You each close your eyes and pick a movie out of the bin.  You both only get one chance to put something back if you don’t like it, so choose wisely.  Then it’s the same for your candy options!  My Walmart doesn’t have the big bin of candy anymore so I would just go to the candy section and skim my arm around with my eyes closed until I stop.  To kick it up a notch… when you get home you can make a blanket fort and watch your movies in there! asf

Picnic at Sunset

Weather permitting; make your favorite simple dinner or snacks with a bottle of champagne (or something non alcoholic) and have a picnic!  I feel like picnics are so underrated.  If my man packed us a cute little basket of snacks, wine and a blanket to go sit and watch the sunset… I’d absolutely love it!  It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s adorable.agrgg

At the end of the day… I think the most important thing about Valentine’s Day is just spending it with the person that you love.  I’m so grateful that I get to spend it with the person I am spending the rest of my life with.  He sure knows how to make me feel so special and not only for 1 day a year. (also important)

If you end up trying out any of my date ideas, please please please let me know!  I’d love to see how it all turns out! 🙂


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