What even is going on?!

I don’t even understand what is going on at this point other than DRAMA! Hardly an of the girls have been able to make any type of connection with Peter because they’re all so worried about one another. Or Peter is just so wrapped up in someone else’s drama. I get it, it’s a reality tv show but at some point they need to get over it!

I think Peter did the right thing by sending Alayah home immediately. You could tell he didn’t really want to because he obviously liked something about her. And I’m sure she’s really not all that bad when camera’s aren’t around and 25 other girls are fighting for the same guy. He realized it was wrong of him to bring her back after all that had went on. But then the girls continued to tear him apart for his mistake. He’s only human after all. He also just endured a very publicized break up with Hannah just a few short weeks prior. It’s not easy and all these girls aren’t making it any better for him.

To me, there weren’t any real shocks with who was sent home during the first rose ceremony of the night. You could see the girls excitement however when they finally got to bring out their passports to go somewhere other than Cleveland!

I think my favorite part of the whole episode was when Peter had to explain how he got his cut, haha. So I’m just going to leave this here on repeat:

At this point it seems like all anyone on this season wants to do is kiss. All the time. Or cry.

For instance, it seemed to me like all he did on his one on one with Sydney is kiss her. Which yeah you need chemistry with someone if you’re going to be together in the long run… but that can’t be it. Him saying she is the best kisser is going to end up being suuuuuuper awkward once all the other girls see it. At least she didn’t add to any of the drama happening at that time.

The group date was pretty awesome in my opinion! How awesome would it be to go on a date where you get photographed to be on Cosmo! It’d be pretty uncomfortable but I bet most of those girls got into tip top shape when they realized they were going to be on the show anyways. I like that Victoria F. and Hannah Ann went in for the kill with their kisses. Definitely made them stand out and you know Peter liked it.

Peter’s one on one with Kelsey… I like her as a person… but she just doesn’t seem to mesh with Peter. I think she’s too mature of a girl for what he wants. She even said that she was just there for the fun of it. Their argument was just proof that they won’t work, if you ask me. What’s the point of keeping her there when you’re only keeping her there because you had a connection way before the show even started?

THEN we have all this drama between Kelsey and Tammy. They are both emotionally not ready to be in the type of relationship Peter wants. Tammy is just stirring the pot hoping Peter will send Kelsey home because she feels threatened by her. Then you have Kelsey who is honestly just an emotional person. Which is totally fine! People deal with things differently and Tammy butting into how Kelsey is coping with what is going on is just a dick move. If there were teams, I’d be Team Kelsey all the way. I like that Kelsey went and confronted Peter about what was going on to try and keep the peace between her and his relationship. To me that shows that she’s trying to act like a grownup. Get over it Tammy!

Lastly, that rose ceremony was all sorts of whack! I get why Peter was just wanting to go straight into the rose ceremony. By all means, he has every right to do so considering this season is his. I don’t like that Tammy and Mykenna had to interrupt him but it happened and the other girls were just jealous that they didn’t think of it first. I hope it didn’t sway his opinion, because that’s not fair, but in the end this is a reality show.

I was also waaaay to distracted by Mykenna and her mouth! Like, wtf?!

Tonight is definitely going to be interesting and I can’t wait to get to the final three so that hopefully Peter can weed out all these dramatic little girls.

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