The Bitch is Back.

I don’t even know where to start with this weeks episode… There was so much drama!! I mean, I’m here for it, but I think Chris Harrison is finally right with saying “this is the most dramatic season yet.”

So to start off the episode, I’m sure a lot of the girls were super excited to hear they were finally able to get out of the mansion and travel. To none other than… Cleveland!!! Like, what? Of all places they picked Cleveland, Ohio? Alright. But it turned out Cleveland had a lot of drama to offer.

Needless to say, Peter was stoked for his one on one with Victoria F., who had no idea what was instore for the date. When she pulls up to Peter standing outside a private airplane, she just about looses her shit, haha. Their date was super cute and I have no idea how anyone could go on the rides they went on. that slingshot one… NO! I’d have to say, my favorite part was how excited Peter was to have a private Chase Rice concert. He was like a giddy kid getting to go to school for the first time. The look of absolute terror on Chase and Victoria’s faces couldn’t stop his excitement throughout the whole thing either! It was unfair to play with all of their emotions that way… but an amazing job by the producers for creating such authentic drama. When she finally told Peter about it, he took it like a champ and you could feel the pit in her stomach finally go away.

Next we move onto the group date. I was rooting for my girl, Mykenna, to not have her named called and go on the second one on one but…. she wasn’t. The girls met Peter at the Cleveland Brown’s football stadium for a quick practice and game against each other. All but Victoria P., who had some random thing happen to her back… i.e. she just wanted more time and attention from Peter. (smart move) It of course ended in a tie and they all were able to go on the cocktail hour date. And that’s when the whole episode shifted.

All the girls are so excited and ready for their date and in. walks. Alayah. Just a reminder… she was sent home last rose ceremony!!! The girls were not so stoked to see her, whatsoever. And of course, she made the whole rest of the date all about her. Poor her. She’s manipulative and conniving. I think the only shocking thing to come out of it was that she was right with knowing Victoria P. more than she lead on in the first place. But at the end of the night… for Peter to give her the group date rose, was a slap in the face to all the other girls.

Alayah also came back with more information on everything that had been going on outside of the season from when she went home. She already knew about the Chase Rice “finasco” and I’m sure much more. Of course she shared that with some of the girls, who then gossiped and word got back to Victoria F. She was not happy and confronted Alayah, who of course acted like she did no wrong.

To be honest… I didn’t pay much attention to Peter’s date with Kelsey… I don’t like her ever since the stupid #champagnegate but I guess it was good that Peter got to know her more? You go Glenn Coco!

By the end of the episode there was so much drama that had gone on, the girls were all just fed up and done. (I don’t blame them on bit) So fed up, most of them spoke their peace at the end. They were all so angry at Peter for bringing back Alayah. I mean, honestly, did he think they would welcome her back with open arms? Of course not! I can’t wait to see what happens during the next episode!!

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