What a Finasco!

So I’m a little late to recapping this weeks Bachelor episode… however once again, so much happened! It seemed like this week was only actually 2 whole days of filming too!

First off I just need to confront the elephant in the room, these girls have no clue what English is! First off Hannah Ann, who I thought was standing up to herself very well with Kelsey, says “finasco” instead of “fiasco”… Also, how in the world do you mispronounce lingerie? Fiasco, in my opinion, is one thing… but lingerie?

Annnnyywhooo… the fact that Kelsey was in fact bullying Hannah Ann about #champagnegate is just insane. It’s just a bottle of champagne that was obviously planted by the producers to get a rise out of Kelsey. Honestly the part that made me dislike her the most was when she said she didn’t even freaking like champagne. Like, are you kidding me? Why raise such a fuss over it then?

There was too much drama this episode surrounding Alayah!!! She came out of no where too! She was hardly in the last two episodes and then BAM! The whole season was all about how she was a liar and manipulative. Like girl, knock it off! Peter won’t want someone like that in his life for the long run. I’m glad she’s gone! But I really hope he doesn’t change her mind when she comes back. Peter, just remember how you felt when Luke did that when you were a contestant.

However, Peter’s date with Victoria P. was so cute! I wasn’t sure if I was going to end up liking her but, she has showed how sweet she is and authentic. Not many of the girls have been authentic, I’m already over it. She opened up to him instantly and you could feel their connection and it melted my heart. I hope she goes far! She’s not my #1 favorite but she definitely raised the bar.

Can we talk about how awkward it was to watch everyone during the rose ceremony? I mean for one, the pool party was so freaking boring that you might as well have called it a “sit around and try to look cute and get Peter’s attention” party. Oh or an “all about how annoying Alayah is” party. I’m just so thankful that Peter sent her home for now. My favorite was watching Mykenna work through what was happening. Her expressions were exactly how everyone was feeling inside.

Well let’s see how this week goes! I can’t wait to see how Alayah stirs up the pot… not. She needs to be 86’d. Before I go, can’t forget to mention, I can’t wait to see how Peter and Victoria F.’s date goes. Fucking AWKWARD!

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