Champagne gate?

So anyone who watches The Bachelor has most likely seen the gif going around with Kelsey.  All I gotta say is that is the best form of karma I’ve ever seen!

To start off, Mykenna is my favorite this season so as soon as she went after my girl, I decided she needed to go.  I can see why she got upset over the champagne saga even though it really wasn’t Hannah Ann’s fault.  Hannah Ann is one of my top 3 girls I don’t like so far but she didn’t “steal” the champagne.  I honestly would have done the same thing if I saw a bottle just sitting around and I was trying to win Peter over.  If you say you wouldn’t, stop lying to yourself.

I still don’t like Hannah Ann though… Her winning the Revolve fashion show just gave me straight Luke P vibes.  You could see the craziness in her eyes when she walked out in the white dress. Annnd when Victoria kissed him, there were daggers going straight out of them!  That date in general was just a bunch of bull from Hannah and Victoria.  Victoria acting like she didn’t feel comfortable on the runway and then acting like a freaking super model that walks a catwalk weekly.  I can totally tell she is going to cause some drama this season.

Going back to the beginning of the episode; I feel like Hannah really didn’t need to come back and help out with the group date and stir up Peter’s feelings.  Obviously the producers are to blame but, still so unnecessary to confuse feelings just for views.  Who am I kidding?! That’s basically the whole show.  You could tell how disappointed some of the girls were when Peter canceled the rest of the activity part of the date but soooome (Natasha) through a fit!  She shouldn’t have been so harsh.  I mean, Pete just got dumped on National TV not long ago.  Have some sympathy.  I don’t think Peter would have appreciated any of what she had to say to all the other girls.

Now moving back to my girl, Mykenna, she stole my top favorite this week.  I knew I was going to like her but then she came at the Hannah situation with such a positive attitude and BAM, she’s my fave.  Honeslty, she just seems so real to me.  She didn’t argue back at Kelsey who was obvi drunk and upset. She rocked that fashion show! She had such a cute moment with Peter dancing and their kiss was so cute!  But all in all, I really need to know why she had maple syrup and whipped cream…?

I really can’t wait to see how this season plays out.  I really hope the best for Peter because he just seems so genuine and ready to find a girl who loves him back.  He really doesn’t deserve to be anything but someone’s first choice.  Here I am defending him and I didn’t even want to watch this season in the first place, haha.  But low and behold, here I am.  Already suckered into watching every Monday.

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